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Why Global Finals

The unforgettable competition is packed with competitive events, trips to important and engaging attractions, and evening parties for all participants to mingle and network. Whether participants are testing their language skills to the utmost, living life like the locals, or chilling out with films and popcorn, we guarantee that our TeenEagle Global Finals are packed with opportunities to widen your horizons and make the friendships of a lifetime.

How Global Finals

The Global Finals consist of four main competitions: the Knowledge Quiz, the Writing Challenge, the Spelling Bee, and Persuasive Speaking.

In the Writing Challenge, participants randomly compete in groups of three. Each group will work together to discuss and outline their chosen topics. Participants are also free to use any materials available to them. In the end, each participant should submit a one-page essay on their given topic.

Our Spelling Bee is on paper, and pushes students to show all forms of word knowledge. Compete through multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and more to impress us with your lexicon.

Persuasive Speaking is also organised with randomised groups of three. Each participant will be given their own unique topic. They will have one minute to brainstorm with their group before giving a two-minute speech. We are looking for originality, a wide range of language, and a use of space and body movement.

The TeenEagle Global Finals has an optional event: the Talent Show. In the Talent Show, participants are asked to demonstrate any talent they wish—drawing, dancing, playing music, singing and anything else they can think of.

For more information on how we structure and assess our competitive events, please refer to the Competitive Events page.

Moreover, we do have certain awards based on results:

  • We give a combination of Plaques and Medals for our top achievers in each age category in Productive Skills, which are our Writing Challenge and Persuasive Speaking Challenge.
  • We also give a combination of Plaques and Medals for our top achievers in each age category in Receptive Skills, which are our Knowledge Quiz and Spelling Bee.
  • We give Trophies to the highest-achieving students in each age category, both in Productive and Receptive Skills.
  • Top 15% of the participants receive a Gold Medal and Certificate.
  • The next 20% of the participants receive a Silver Medal and Certificate.
  • The following 25% of the participants receive a Bronze Medal and Certificate.
  • The final 40% of the participants receive an Honourable Mention Medal and Certificate.
  • All schools, regardless of student number or score, receive a School Plaque of Honour for their involvement in a Global Final.
  • Schools that have ten students competing also have the chance to win a Top 3 Schools Trophy, where each medal those students win counts for a specific number of points. The schools with the highest cumulative score from their top ten students win!
  • The Best Spirit Award is a unique Plaque awarded to a student who displayed a positive attitude, supported the event and staff members, fostered an inclusive environment, or otherwise stood out to the TeenEagle Team as a representative of TeenEagle attitudes.